Just Woodbury | Woodbury's Hometown Newspaper

We produce and publish the only digital news website with a sole focus on the town of Woodbury, CT (and Region 14 schools). We also drive foot traffic to our advertising partners' doors.

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Woodbury Restaurant Week | What's Cookin'?

We took over the reigns of Woodbury Restaurant Week in 2018, and we made it grow. Participating restaurants said both foot traffic and sales were up more than 20% vs. 2017.

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Copywriting, Editing, and Creative Services

Our clients are near and far, big and small. We take ownership and pride in all our work, because your company deserves the best we have to offer.

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Let's Get Your Ducks in a Row

Whether you're a one-man band or a senior manager of a Fortune 500 company, you have something in common. You can't do everything yourself. You have to delegate assignments to your co-workers, and even farm some work out to agencies.

That's where A Content Shop, LLC comes in. We can help you win the content game. The more SEO-rich content your site has, the higher you'll rank on Google, Bing, etc.

But content is more than just the written word in a digital world. We can help you optimize your website, source and produce video, develop podcasts, and much more. Offline, we can help with everything from research to reporting to public relations and more. We can also help you create and program events that will help raise awareness and get your message seen.

Our roots are in the newspaper industry, but we are also digital content pioneers with more than 20 years of website experience. We've also produced and programmed meetings and conferences, developed original research, and built the relationships businesses of all sizes need to succeed.


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We'd love to help you reach your goals. If you'd like to collaborate with us, please email tim@acontntshopllc.com or call Tim Parry at (475) 444-3090.